Saturday, March 14, 2009


wow I've been living in a black hole for the past two weeks wrapped up in all of my other classes feeling in a bit of a craze.  Finals week coming up looks like a blessing compared to dead week.  I've been missing this blog but I haven't had a minute of time to put anything worth while into it.  Art wise I've basically been dealing with my show thats rapidly approaching.  ( April 2nd!!!)  I actually realized the other day that my show opens the first day back of spring term which means I've got what, like three weeks?  I need to make my invitations asap which I think is going to be a bit difficult considering my fragmented pieces of pictures.  I also need to come up with a name.  Finish editing all of the interviews I did which could be a capstone project within itself.  I've already edited four out of the five women that im going to use in the show so that won't be too much more work however I still need to get them printed.  I've already written my artist statement. I"ll post that next to see if anyone has feedback on it.  lets see what else.......OH YES.  I need to figure out how to display my sound.  I know that I want five different tracks, one for each girl, but im not sure if I should be using individual walkmans and if so how to secure them.  Im wanting that sense of privacy each time someone puts on a set of headphones.  Almost like a secret is being whispered into the ears of the viewers.  Now the technical details just need to be sorted out.  Well thats a list within itself so I guess i'll just leave it at that.  I'm really glad that im going to be taking this blogging class next term, I feel like I just started to get into it and the term ended.  It's really helped me to start doing my own art, figure out what im interested in pursuing.  Thanks Miles!  

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