Friday, March 27, 2009

As The Show Approaches

I found five walkman cd players today at target for $9.99 a piece! Now I've at least got that sorted. I've been working a lot on editing the interviews that will be playing during the art show. It's taken quite a bit more time then I had anticipated. I've got two out of the five tracks complete and a pretty good start on the other three. I've some how managed to find a balance between play and work over spring break which has been nice. I'm in portland for the time being but when I return back to ashland sunday I will defintely have my work cut out for me. I called my friend Tracy today who is a chef at cucina biazi and asked her if she would prepaire my veggie food platers at my art show. She is an amazing cook so I think it is going to turn out great. We are meeting on sunday to discuss what sorts of food and how much money it is going to cost. I also have to obviously finish editing the sound which im planning on doing a big chunk on sunday. I still have to edit one more girl and get my pictures printed at advanced photo. And then there is the big task...... individually hammering the hundreds of tiny nails into each photograph on the wall. I dont think the nails I have right now are long enough so thats one more thing I should pick up while im in portland and have a larger selection. Yup the show is rapidly approaching!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Invitation to show

The font is slightly different in the real invitation but it still has a hand written type feel to it.  
I ordered the invitations today!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Artist Statement

This collection of images focuses primarily on women's body image issues and more specifically, issues around eating disorders. The format in which the images are displayed is significant because it represents distortions a woman's mind may create when critiquing themselves in the mirror.  Each woman's gaze is unique in such a way that it relates directly to the individuals judgments, reservations, thoughts, and perceptions of their own body.  Contrary to the individuals gaze is that of the onlooker.  This may include the fashion industry, advertising, cosmetic industry, diet industry, entertainment industry, you, me and anyone else who's eyes cross paths with the subject.  
The viewer is forced to pick apart every single fragment of the body.  By piecing together a number of individual photographs to create one life size image, you are not only seeing the whole, but also zooming in on specific details that may have gone unnoticed otherwise.  You are forced to view these women both through the eyes of the media and the minds within the representative bodies.  Pieces of the body are missing while other parts are enlarged and disfigured creating a disordered image in whole.  
Fragmentation makes these girls appear larger in some areas, smaller in others, but regardless, incomplete and insufficient.  This is a direct correlation of the outstanding physical expectations placed upon women; perfection is unattainable.  Just as the onlooker sees an incomplete body before them, it is accurate to say that is what is viewed directly within the psyche of the subject; physical fragmentation resulting from mental damage.  This is what image culture has done to these women.



wow I've been living in a black hole for the past two weeks wrapped up in all of my other classes feeling in a bit of a craze.  Finals week coming up looks like a blessing compared to dead week.  I've been missing this blog but I haven't had a minute of time to put anything worth while into it.  Art wise I've basically been dealing with my show thats rapidly approaching.  ( April 2nd!!!)  I actually realized the other day that my show opens the first day back of spring term which means I've got what, like three weeks?  I need to make my invitations asap which I think is going to be a bit difficult considering my fragmented pieces of pictures.  I also need to come up with a name.  Finish editing all of the interviews I did which could be a capstone project within itself.  I've already edited four out of the five women that im going to use in the show so that won't be too much more work however I still need to get them printed.  I've already written my artist statement. I"ll post that next to see if anyone has feedback on it.  lets see what else.......OH YES.  I need to figure out how to display my sound.  I know that I want five different tracks, one for each girl, but im not sure if I should be using individual walkmans and if so how to secure them.  Im wanting that sense of privacy each time someone puts on a set of headphones.  Almost like a secret is being whispered into the ears of the viewers.  Now the technical details just need to be sorted out.  Well thats a list within itself so I guess i'll just leave it at that.  I'm really glad that im going to be taking this blogging class next term, I feel like I just started to get into it and the term ended.  It's really helped me to start doing my own art, figure out what im interested in pursuing.  Thanks Miles!