Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Miles taught me a the basics of flash the other day. I've had so much fun playing around in it but there are still so many questions I have. For example how do I export documents in flash that i've been working on into other programs like photoshop or even to post here on this blog? Miles, if you have anytime tomorrow to help me out with this and a few other questions that would be great.

Tour Posters

The Monk/Synrgy tour poster is due this friday so i've been doing a bit of research. I've made regular posters for monk shows in the past but i've never made a tour poster before so i've been looking into layouts of how various bands have displayed all the tour dates, pictures and other information. Here are a few I liked.

I'm not exactly sure if monk and synrgy want posters quite as artistic as these and im having to include two bands oppose to one onto a poster. I dont want it to get too chaotic. I might make a few and see what they like.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aspirations of Spring Term

  It's my last term of college so there are a few things I feel like I should get organized and set in stone before I leave this place.  I am going to be doing as much networking as possible so my blog will be a great place to direct people to see what my art is all about.

  That said, I am going to continue my last project which was collecting inspirational quotes and creating imagery to match the poetic descriptions. This term I am going to focus more on using my own imagery and carefully construct scenes in and out of the lighting studio.  This should give people an idea of what im capable of.  
  Another goal is to designing a business card.  I've already been collecting a variety of business cards from various artists and brainstorming ideas of how I would like mine to look.  This will be very important if I plan on furthering my artistic career outside of SOU.  
  My third project has to do with Monk a local band in Ashland.  I am going to be helping them out with a few projects concerning design of their posters, logo etc..  Anything else photography oriented that comes along throughout the term I'll be throwing into the blog as well.  My hope is to further explore my creative desires as an artist and what sort of artistic career I am looking to achieve in the future.  


*April 16th 10AM Monk photo shoot Outdoors
*April 23rd First photoshop Image Complete 
*April 30th Master template poster and Logo complete 
*May 7th Business Card research complete
*May 14th Complete Business card printed and ready to hand out
*May 21st Second photoshop Image Complete
*May 28th Third photoshop Image Complete
*June 4th Fourth photoshop Image Complete
Is this the last week of class? Someone let me know. 

The Show is up till the 24th of April!

Here are some photos from the opening reception.  Everything went pretty smoothly other then me forgetting batteries for the walkman at the last minute. I had to ask someone to run down to 7/11 to power up the audio.  Overall though, things went great!  I've never gotten such positive feed back on an art show or project.  Makes me happy I put so much work into the final product.  My favorite part of the opening was watching people interact with the installation. Thank you to everyone who came out and helped me to make this show possible.  Hope you all enjoyed the show!