Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A new Era of Multimedia Storytelling

This is such an interesting website. It's a collection of short documentary films/slide shows. It is sort of hard to explain but the majority of the story is told through photographs I believe done in flash. The subject is interviewed and so there voice tells the story along with text here and there that appear on the screen. I would be really interested in trying this out. It is a very powerful and addicting way to live vicariously through these peoples lives. My friend Clint is doing something similar only with advertising and the end product ends up being one minute long. We talked about possibly working together if his company starts to grow at all. I may go do one trial photo shoot with him to see what its like and if this is something I would be interested in doing as a job.

I looked into there career link and saw that they have paid internships located in New York. Here is the information:

MediaStorm offers paid and/or class credit internships throughout the year in areas of design, animation, motion graphics, programming and production.

    Internship Application Deadlines are:
  • February 1 - Summer Internship (May - August)
  • June 1 - Fall Internship (September - December)
  • August 1 - Spring Internship (February - April)
How to Apply
Send a resume with links to your online portfolio, references and a brief overview explaining why you wish to work with MediaStorm to

Regular mail can be sent to:
Brian Storm
55 Washington Street, Suite 420
Brooklyn, NY 11201

I need to develop an online portfolio. Miles maybe you can help me with this!!!!!

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