Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ethereal Imagery

1. I am collecting inspirational quotes and creating imagery to match the poetic descriptions.

2.  I find words to be my muse in the creative arts.  Therefore, I am collecting a variety of poem’s, quotes and lyrics of all sorts to help jump start my creative vision of the images I will montage through Photoshop.  Each quote or poem will constitute its own imagery.  Im interested in mixed media so I will be using a variety of sources to create these images including but not excluding photography both in and out of the lighting studio, drawing, scanning in imagery I find and using images off the internet.  I am also interested in combining both color and black and white into the same image.  I want all of the images combined to have the same ethereal imagery but at the same time each be its own individual image and stand alone.  An example of this would be a simple quote from childhood.

“Row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.”

I will be using this as my first quote due to the simplicity of the words but peaceful imagery that comes to mind when picturing a life like this.  For this first image I sketched a rough idea of what I want my Photoshoped image to look like.  I want the sky and water to be a real image either that I’ve taken or that I find online but the boat and a few other small pieces in the image I want to either draw or find in a magazine and scan it into the computer so that bits and pieces stick out and the viewer is reminded that this is a made up world and not present in our reality.  I want to use the smudge tool to create mist or some sort of unknown fog the boat is emerging from.  The point of this project is to experiment and have fun with Photoshop, push my boundaries of knowledge and create! 

4. The specific product will be a series of Photoshoped montage imagery originated from quotes.  The imagery will include photography, clippings found in magazines and scanned, drawings and any other art forms that may come my way throughout the term that I can integrate into Photoshop. 

5.  So far I have collected images from the web that I feel are inspirational to this specific project and that I may use in various quotes as well as many quotes that I may or may not use.  I haven’t found an specific artist but would love to do more research if you have any suggestions. 

6.  I’ve sketched out my first piece I plan on finishing by next Friday.  I also have a few old photoshop images not specifically related to this project that may give you an idea of my style or work. 

7.  I want to gain a greater knowledge of Photoshop as a whole and im sure as the project progresses new goals and processes im not even aware of now will come up but for the time being my goals consist of:




Color Scheme

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